Monday, September 17, 2007

Circular Footwork we are deep into choreography. We have to do several required elements, one of which is our circular footwork. The footwork is a series of intricate steps and turns performed on a circle. Both partners have to turn individually and as a team...and in both directions while maintaining the circle shape which extends between the edges of the arena. The partners cannot lose their hold with one another and the edges must be deep and flowing.

Here is me and my coach....JUST setting and learning the footwork sequence. It sucks here, but at least we've got some steps in the works. It will be moving to the music at about two to three times this speed.

I told you we got a video camera!!!! we are:

This is our "Shoot the Duck" goof off (remember my old post?)!!!

We are still trying ot figure it out at first, then...we get it! Notice how we undeniably CRASH at the end!???

Yes, that is ME squealing in the background!
I Love this video blogger thang!!!
Until Next Time,