Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm horribly behind!

It's been a whirlwind weekend and Jordan and I just returned home to Oregon late last night.

Unfortunately, we were forced to withdraw after the initial rounds of competition, something both of us are heart-broken over. Jordan fell incredibly ill and could barely walk let alone skate. It's been such a hard-luck season for us and honestly, I really didn't feel like blogging after all that happened this weekend.

However, I did continue to shoot lots of images and I will update throughout the week with stories from LP. Even though it ended up being kind of a crummy season for us, we still had a great time in LP.
Plus, it's NOT about what happens to you in life, its about how you REACT to what happens.

Positive thought & Onward to next season!
Stay tuned for updates this week and next!
Until Next Time,


Carl said...

I hope Jordan is feeling better, that is so tough to have to go thru, please send him my best wishes! Next year is here!!!!

Lisa Hoberg said...

Sorry to hear that Jordan got sick - bummer!! Hope everything is okay!

E said...

I was disappointed not to get to see you skate on Saturday! I made myself suffer through all that dance just to watch you! I also reserved a very rare plush blue rose for you... Oh, well.. I'll throw it to you next year. I hope next year is less dramatic for you!

Jennifer said...

I was worried when you guys didn't skate on Saturday. (I had some stuffies reserved for you as well...) I hope Jordan has recovered well, and that the new skating season is full of fun and joy for both of you!


PS - We met in the locker room right before Champ. Gold Ladies on Friday night. I had the dark red dress and probably a blue warm-up jacket. I wouldn't want you to think that I'm some crazy stranger commenting on your blog :)